Use Aadhar Card as ATM – DCB to Allow Cash Withdrawals Using 12 Digit Aadhar Number

By | September 17, 2016

Aadhar the Unique Identification number for the indian citizen, as we all are aware and knew was the most preferred address and identity proof of an individual. We all believed that the Aadhar is mandatory only for benefiting from government programs. Use Aadhar Card as ATM from now. And schemes that the union government and state governments run for the lower income group people. Surprising DCB development credit bank has come up with new provision. where an account holder with DCB can use Aadhar card in ATMs as debit card. Amazing isn’t it we never ever have  dreamt that Aadhar card will replace ATM cards.

Use Aadhar Card as ATM

Development Credit Bank famously known as DCB has introduced the new program to use Aadhar as an ATM. Sounds interesting. The authorities have said seeing the popularity and usage of Aadhar cards that is the most accurate identifier as it is. And based on biometric of individual has come up with this unique and innovative program. As citizens are linking their Aadhar to bank accounts for all kinds of direct cash transfer benefits. and schemes of government.

What are the Security Issues ?

DCB sees its an opportunity to increase its customer base. For this DCB has really come most innovative eccentric idea to replace debit with Aadhar. With this provision DCB banks account holders can use their Aadhar as ATM card. It is for making their transactions at ATM centres. This should be kept in mind this facility is only for Development Credit Bank account holders. and who have linked their Aadhar to their bank accounts. The facility is available at all the ATMs owned by DCB. There are total 400 ATMs in the country and all of the serves this facility to DCB account holders.

How to Use Aadhaar Card as ATM ?

The news from the authorities is that this project will be completed in six months and will be made available to all DCB account holders. To use Aadhar as debit card at ATM, the account holder should enter the Aadhar number – unique identification number and use finger print as password. Traditionally using ATM card we swipe the card and enter pin. Here using Aadhar as ATM debit card, pin is replaced with fingerprint for authentication that is more secure.  Aadhar with fingerprint as password is more secure as in theft cases no one can get your fingerprint to draw your hard earned money.

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