How to Check Your Aadhaar UID Card Enrollment Status Online ?

By | September 13, 2016

Want to know the details about the status of the Aadhar card. Here we are giving you the multiple options for finding How to Check Your Aadhaar UID Card Enrollment Status Online ? or offline process. Interested people can see all the methods discussed below. We you applied for the Aadhar card and did not get the card to your residence address then no need to worry you have so many options with you for finding out the status for the Aadhar card. If you are having the enrolment number and the date of issue we can easily find out the Aadhar card by without any issues.

How to Check Your Aadhaar UID Card Enrollment Status Online ?

The enrollment number will be on the slip given to you at the time of registration it will be displayed on the top right corner of the slip. The date of issue will also be displayed on the slip itself. By entering the details in the official page of the Aadhar card we can trace out the Aadhar card status within no time.

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We all know that the Aadhar card is the unique identification card given to all the citizen of India. This is the new card introduced by the central government. Without the Aadhar card no government centres are accepting the documents or sanctioning the item. This has become the necessary card for the people. The government had made all the cities, villages etc to enrol for the Aadhar cards. But still there are some people who are not having the card. For them there are some centres were they enrol for the Aadhar cards like me seva etc.

how can check aadhaar card status by name

Different methods for checking the status of Aadhar card

 The candidates who have enrolled for it and waiting for the card can check the status either through online process or by offline process. People who are having internet access can check their status directly but visiting to the official website of Aadhar and can check thereby entering the enrolment number and the date of issue. Know more about How to Check Your Aadhaar UID Card Enrollment Status Online ?.  On the other hand who are not having the internet access can check through their registered mobile number. Just by the dialling to the troll free number we can get the status of Aadhar card without any cost.

e aadhaar card enrolment status

1800-300-1947 this is the troll free number provided by the government. There are no charges for the call. The other method for finding out the Aadhar card is by sending sms. However the normal sms charge will be charging for this process only the registered mobile number should be used in this process. The text of the sms should be like this sms to UID STATUS<14 digit enrolment number> to 51969. Within no time we will get the UID.

check my aadhaar card enrolment no

Changes in the Aadhar card

We you are looking for changes in the Aadhar card then read the article. If there is mistake in the Aadhar card like name or residence address or contact number etc. get check aadhaar card status online details. Everything can be changed in the online. For the details please verify to our site.

Aapka Aadhar how to get Aadhar card by using Aapka Aadhar

Unique identification authority of India issues the Aadhar card to all the citizens of India. They had created the official website for the Aadhar card for the information and the queries are discussed in the site. In the UIDAI web portal they introduced the option of Aapka Aadhar. Through this option we can use the Aadhar services and direct download for the Aadhar card are available. For the details about the Aapka Aadhar are given below kindly go through the article and capture all the key points in them. If you having queries related to the article please do comment in the box which is provided below the article we will assure the answer within no time.

Aapka Aadhar get benefited

Aadhar card is the unique card given to all the citizens of India. The 12 digit number is used as the id proof as well the address proof. If there is lost or misplaced the Aadhar card you can get it through the online again. We have to need is 14 digit enrolment number for checking the status in official website. They collect all the details about the person and enter in the card the biometric is done for the card.

What to do If Aadhar Card Issue Delayed ?

The card should be processed within 90 days of time. If you did not receive the card then you can get it through the online which is called as e Aadhar. It can download and used. If it is not found then you can raise the complaint. If you find any mistakes in the card then you can upload it through the online process. The procedure for getting the e Aadhar.

What to do After applying Aadhar Card ?

If you want the Aadhar immediately then follow this procedure. Enter the mandatory details like enrolment id, name, pin code etc. The OTP will be send to the registered mobile number.  The OTP will be used only one time and expired within 15 minutes. Enter the OTP received and the captcha you will be navigated to the page where you can download the e Aadhar directly. 

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