How to Get PAN Card using Aadhaar Card ? Easy Steps in 5 Minutes !

By | September 15, 2016

Get PAN card through Aadhar Card, Apply for new PAN card with your Aadhar Card. Know the simple steps below. Avail PAN card with the Aadhar Card e-signature The important role of Aadhar Card has increasing day by day. get pan card using aadhar card number is simple. The Unique Authority of India has passed Aadhar Card for the easy and digital identity of each individual citizens of India. The Aadhar Card has gained such an importance that it must be showed in every government related activities.

get pan card using aadhar card number

This Aadhar Card contains once individual person photo identity, digital signature, contact details and most important is fingerprint. All the enclosed information will surely connect to give a unique identity of the person.

Main important point is to be noted that the Aadhar Card maintains as a proof of individual person identity but not as a proof of citizenship. get pan card using aadhar card number helps you. Aadhar Card contains 12-digit number issued by the UIDAI, Unique Identification Authority of India. PAN Card with Aadhar Card details     The Personal Account number, which is abbreviated as PAN card consists of 10 digits unique alphanumeric number.

pan card through aadhaar card number

This PAN card is needed and more helpful for bank transactions. To open a new bank account or for any heavy amount bank transactions PAN card number is mandatory.  The government has encouraged and made PAN card as mandatory to check and control the black money transactions. The PAN card has to be estimated for transactions more than Rs. 2 lakhs.

is aadhaar card mandatory for pan card

For the issue of PAN card, one individual has to submit date of birth, photo identity proof, Address Proof, Contact details and Digital Signature. Instead of submitting, all the above documents and one can carry only proof i.e. Aadhar Card. get pan card using aadhar card number is an easy way. All the above formalities are available in Aadhar Card. Therefore, the Income Tax Department has team up with Unique Identification Authority of India.

Apply for pan card using aadhar card number

It is to make the PAN card applying process easy. Now, Aadhar Card is enough to submit to get the PAN Card.

Aadhar Card is the accepted proof for Date of Birth, Unique Identification and Photo identity and can avail the PAN card. Now, it is easier for the applicants to apply for the PAN card. Both PAN card and UIDAI Aadhar Card are helpful to identify frauds so that the Indian government will be aware to control the illegal activities.

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