How to Register Aadhaar Card with SBI & Other Bank Accounts Online ?

By | September 14, 2016

How to link Aadhar card to bank account ? let us have a look. Now a days government had come up with the new technology. For that they need to upgrade the system. So all the bank accounts should be linked with the Aadhar card. This is the easiest process ever. benefit of linking bank account with aadhaar card is good idea. Just by clicking we can upgrade it. It is of so many methods either we can follow online method or offline process. Depending on the availability we can choose the better options. All the methods are clearly explained in the article. aadhar card link to bank account form online is available. To know completely about them just have a look on the article. If you have any doubts it can be rectified within no time. Follow one method which is for you. By using this procedure you can get the result quickly without any time waste.

benefit of linking bank account with aadhaar card

Procedure for Linking with the bank account

The subsidy given to the customers can be directly credited to the bank accounts. For this all have to do is linking the bank account with the Aadhar card. In recent time the government is making it mandatory for some id proofs such as driving license, ration and pension. aadhar card seeding with bank account was tough before. benefit of linking bank account with aadhaar card is easy. Through this the customer will be benefited without any loss.

aadhaar card seeding with bank accounts

Previously the amount is given to the LGP gas holders, they may not give full amount to the customers and there are so many loop holes so to avoid it the government has come up with the linking technique. This is applied in every field to eradicate the black money flow.  All the banks had accepted the accounts through linking it with the Aadhar card. The steps to be followed for linking for bank account for offline process the customers have to visit the nearest Branch and fill the details in the application form and then submit it to the officials. find the bank account link with aadhar card status here. 

aadhaar card linking to bank account form

For online process logon to the internet banking and click on the Aadhar registration and enters all mandatory details and submit it. it is a good way to link and read benefit of linking bank account with aadhaar card. The message will be displayed on the screen or to the registered mobile number. We can link it through sms also. Just type Aadhar<Aadhar number> <last 6 digits of account number> send it to 5676782.

aadhaar link to sbi bank online registration

Now a days, people without Aadhaar card cannot have scope to get any government related benefits. Recently, the government of India announced that, the Aadhaar Card is also mandatory for bank details too. So, guys who have Aadhaar Card, they must have to link up their 12-digit unique identification number to SBI account. Who doesn’t have Aadhaar Card, are pleased to enrol it soon, which the registration process is available on our page.

link sbi account with aadhaar online

So, people, who wish to link up their Aadhaar card number to SBI account they have to fallow the below description. Basically, there are four simple methods are there to link up your Aadhaar to SBI account, there are through online, offline, through ATM channel or via SMS. Below we are giving a brief details about link up process.

link sbi account with aadhaar online

The first way to link up the Aadhaar to SBI is, through online mode. Firstly one the official page, Log on to your bank account, On the left corner of the web page. Below the account summary, you may find link your Aadhaar number. Click on it. On the registration page, enter your details then click on get OTP. You have receive one OTP number for you registered mobile number. Type the number on the web page then click on submit. After that, the bank authorities will verify all your UIDAI details then send you the confirmation acknowledgement slip to your mobile or via email. 

aadhaar linking with sbi bank account

People, who doesn’t have knowledge on computer or who are from urban and rural areas or who doesn’t have internet banking account, they have to link up the Aadhaar to SBI via offline mode. People have to visit the nearby SBI branch with original and xerox copy of Aadhaar, SBI passbook, One filled Aadhaar linked to SBI form (which you have to collect from internet centre from sib portal then fill). 

how to check aadhar card link with sbi bank account online

Here, to reduce your time, the government also launched one way, i.e you can link your Aadhaar o SBI account via ATM. Go for nearby ATM centre( SBI ATM), Swipe your ATM card, enter pin, Choose the option service registration from menu. Then elect on Aadhaar registration, choose account type whether savings or checking. There you have to type your valid Aadhaar card number  then click on enter. Within shortly, you may receive confirmation message via phone call.

how to link aadhaar with sbi bank account through atm

To link Aadhaar TO SBI, simply send one small SMS to 56567 in the format of UID (space) Aadhaar number (space) Account number. Only mobile number which registered on bank message is approve to link up. After they received your SMS, the officer will verify the details then send the confirmation SMS to you. If you already linked up to SBI account or don’t registered you mobile number. Then they will let you notice the information via SMS. So, guys, after read the above details, start your link up process of Aadhaar number to SBI account as per your convenient way, then enjoy the best benefits from the bank.

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