What is Fee for aadhaar card ? Need to Pay Registration Fee ?

By | September 14, 2016

Aadhar card registration fee. Are you looking for the registration process of Aadhar card? Scared about the news about the registration process fee. Well there is no such registration fee for the Aadhar card. Don’t worry. Aadhar Registration Fee is 0 Rs. If you do not know the process then consults the Aadhar centres for the help. They will help you for the free of cost. Through the country the Aadhar registrations should be done with no cost.

Aadhar Registration Fee

We all know about the importance of the Aadhar card. Now it is considered as the one of the id proof. The government also passes the Aadhar bill as the money bill. If you are having any queries related to the Aadhar card then every question will be answered in your site. If you are having any queries about the present article just comment it below the box present there.

Anyone asking for the registration fee

We all know that the government of India has come up with the new identity card called as Aadhar card for whole country. All the citizens from the country have to register for this card. The card number is different for everyone in the country so it is called as the unique identification card. Aadhar Registration Fee details mentioned here. The UIDAI body is the regulatory board for issuing the card to all under the government of India. It consisting of number and the enrollment number which is given at the time of registration.

cost for aadhar card

This enrollment id is used to track the application status. If there are any problem related to the Aadhar card can be rectified by changing it through the online process or offline process. The registrations are taken up by the government. No need of Aadhar Registration Fee. Coming to the question as it is under the government no fee is required for the registration process. If anyone demands you to pay the amount then do not encourage them. If they create any nuisance to you just complaint it to the nearest police station. The registration process purely under free of cost only.

About the registration process and details

You can get the application form either from the online or offline process. If you want to have it in online just visit the official website of the Aadhar card and apply it. If you want offline process then consult the Aadhar card centres and fill up the application form. Do not pay Aadhar Registration Fee. Both the process does not involve money. There are so many agencies related for issuing the Aadhar card. They may charge money. Generally the issuing of the Aadhar card will be done within 90 days of span.

aadhar card registration fee

If you get the Aadhar card and having any errors then approach it through the online or offline process. If you did not get any information after the 90 days also then better to approach the official they can help you in all aspects. Whether to get the new registration form or modifications in the old one. The registration process does not involve money at any stage through the country. Kindly note this and do not encourage bribe.

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