Is Aadhaar Card Valid for Address Proof / ID Proof ? Get Clarified on Doubts !

By | April 13, 2017

Aadhar valid for id proof or address proof and useful for many indian government offices as proof of identity. Aadhaar Card Valid for Address Proof ? Are looking for the question which is mentioned above then the answer is given in the article. Read the complete article and get the clarified about it. Government of India had come up with the new concept of the identity which is commonly called as Aadhar card. It is the unique identification authority of India which consists of 12 digits of Aadhar card number.

Aadhaar Card Valid for Address Proof ? 

It is different to all individual for entire India. They arranged the regional centres and head offices at various cities as well as villages. Now it is linked with the other identity proof also. To avoid the black money to flow in the market government had made decision to maintain one identity card to all citizens. This became success in some aspects. Coming to the question whether it is accepted as the id proof or not? This is discussed in the below kindly go through it.

Aadhar card as id proof or address proof

As it is started with the motto of the national identity to all the citizen of India. It is considered as the id proof as well as address proof. Because it is having the strong evidence of address given there and the identity is taken with the figure prints, eye vision and the identification marks. Considering all as the proof it is also treated as the identity card.

aadhar card is valid for id proof

Linking the Aadhar card with all the other cards gives you the perfect information about the citizen. Aadhaar Card Valid for Address Proof ? is no more a doubt. If one is having wrong id proof if it is linked with Aadhar they get the actual details about them. Some of the citizens still not having the Aadhar card they can apply it to the nearest centre. click for ts inter results at school9 . No need to be taken at the residence it can be taken at the place where you are living. But give the residence address as our permanent address then it will treat as the address proof also.

Aadhar card can be downloaded directly from the official site. Visit the site and get the card in the case of emergency.

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