Aadhaar Card Project Impresses World Bank – Samsung Launched Aadhaar Based Tablet

By | September 17, 2016

Guys, here is an article about Aadhaar card uses for world bank and Samsung inaugurated Aadhaar based tab. In India, we have used this Aadhaar card for multiple purposes like scholarship, provident fund and many other government uses. Aadhaar Card Project Impresses World Bank recently. Simply we can used the Aadhaar 12 digit identification number for anywhere, anytime in India. It is totally a cost effective process and easy to get it any local Aadhaar enrolment centres in India. Currently, in India, there are total one million of users have used this Aadhaar card. 

How they Measure Projects & Announce it as Best ?

With this Aadhaar card linking with many facilities, like subsidies, passport and many other benefits, we can get many advantages and it became cost saver for government too. Today its digital world, the future we will see internet of things. With the flow of information that is facilitating the growth. World Bank Chief Economist Mr. Kaushik Basu has quoted that  the world is seeing  digital revolution  that is transforming the world.  The digital revolution has played a key role in the economic growth of most of the developing countries.

Advantages of Aadhaar Based Tablet

These days we see most of the developing nations making the best out of the new opportunities generated from the information age. “World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends” in its release has appreciated  Aadhaar program of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which is being used for all government schemes and benefits. The Aadhar is being used from opening bank accounts for individuals to monitoring attendance of civil servants.

Samsung Aadhaar Tablet Features

The one of the most top south Korean based mobile Samsung launched the Aadhaar based tablet. With a special feature of biometric technology with dual eye scanner and iris recognition technology. It is the India’s first and foremost tablet with iris technology feature. This devise will authorise the paperless and cashless services for multiple applications like passport, taxation, education and healthcare services.

More Aadhaar Features

The samsung galaxy tab iris is the first devise in Integrated category to get standardisation testing and quality certification directorate. About 1.31 billion of people can use this biometric identification program by UIDAI and it issues various authentications programs like Electronic Know-Your-Client,  E-Sign capabilities that allows immediate entry for people and financial services for Indian citizens. Currently, almost 100 banks was linked with Aadhaar card number for payment system and over 280 million people have used their Aadhaar inked bank accounts.

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