How to Apply for Aadhar Card Online ? E aadhaar Registration – Simple Steps !

By | September 14, 2016

Aadhaar Card Application Form Download Process Submitting Procedure: Already people in India got awareness about Aadhaar card. Aadhaar is usually a 12-digit unique identification number, which is the mandatory document for people in our country. apply aadhar card online here. This Aadhaar registration form is available in many regional languages like telugu, hindi, english, tamil and etc. People, who haven’t enrol for Aadhaar card, here is a final announcement that, Aadhaar is a compulsory documents for all. People who do not have Aadhaar, they cannot get any benefits from government. Now you can get some idea, why Aadhaar is important for everyone.

apply aadhar card online

The Aadhaar application form is free of cost to enrol. There is no need to pay anything, its a just easy way to apply for Aadhaar. The main aim of Aadhaar id proof is to gather the biometric data of peoples residents and state that data to data bases. Then they provide the 12-digit identification number to those people. Aadhaar card was launched on 2009 under the government of India, which is currently marked as worlds formats national identification number.

apply aadhar card online

apply aadhar card online

aadhar card enrolment form online

Today, our team is came up with a information about Aadhaar download process. People who are applying for Aadhaar card, they have to read the entire article. apply aadhar card online in simple steps. It may surely helps you to download the apply the Aadhaar firm easily and simple. If you haven’t understand this article, we advise to read the twice, because we have provided each and every information in this document,

aadhar card application form download pdf

People who are uneducated and who lives in urban and rural areas without even internet facility, they have to visit the near by Aadhaar enrolment centre. Ask Aadhaar application form, which is free of cost. Then fill it. People who wants to apply for Aadhaar card via online, they have to log on to apply aadhar card online is a better way. After open home page, click on Aadhaar enrolment /correction form. Download the form in PDF format. The Aadhaar enrolment form is same across the country. So, we have to download or visit any enrolment centre to collect the application form.

Steps to Fill up the Aadhaar Card

  1. Fill the Aadhaar application forms with full of capital letters, leave the first 2 fields in the from, which will be entered at the time of enrolment centre.
  2. Enter your personal details like name, gender, age, address, and other details. Give valid mobile number, it will be used by UIDAI for all updates. So, be carefully entered.
  3. After fill form with valid details, put your signature.
  4. Check all the details in the form twice, then visit the enrolment centre with necessary documents like PAN, ration card and some other identity proofs. get the simple steps to apply aadhar card online. You have to five the original proofs to enrolment officer, they will verify and scan the proofs and return original ones on spot.
  5. After the enrolment officer, enter our details on the system. He asks us, to check the details one last time. After, the application is submitted.
  6. After submission, the enrolment team will give you the acknowledgement slip, which is very importunate one. So, keep safe the slip for further use.
  7. If applicant want to change their details. They can modify or update their details in the application form within 96 hours after submission the form. These steps to get aadhaar card online helps you a lot. You can update or modify the details in same enrolment centre which you visited before. 
  8. Once after the Aadhaar, it takes 3 to 4 weeks time to generate the card. You may downarldor the card via online or you may receive the card through post.

how to get aadhar card online ?

So, we hope, people will understand our article. Now we are providing the brief description about. Application form fields. 

get aadhaar card online

get aadhaar card online

  1. Pre Enrolment ID: While applying the form, you have to leave the pre enrolment filed. After submitting your form on enrolment centre. The enrolment officer will give you the acknowledgement slip. In that, you found on number, which is called your pre enrolment id.
  2. NPR Receipt/TIN Number: Actually, it is not a mandatory field. If you have National Population Register or a Tax Identification Number, then enter that number in that field.
  3. Full Name and gender: Enter your first name, middle name (if any) and last name. The name must be match with your proof of identities. Choose your identity male or female or transgender on the form
  4. Age or DOB: Write your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format in the column. If you have documentation proof of your DOB, select verified box, otherwise declared box.
  5. Address: Enter your valid full address, as there on your proof. This address field is very important field.You may receive the Aadhaar card for the address itself. Now get this apply aadhar card online is simple. isn’t it ? Within this address, column, you have to write your valid mobile number and email id. 
  6. Family Details: Choose your family member, father/mother/guardian/husband/wife. Any way this field is not required for adults. But children below 5 years mare mandatory to provide parents or guardian details.
  7. Consent: You can choose to allow or deny in this field. 
  8. Bank Account: Not necessary
  9. Documents Provided: Tick on the appropriate column which you want to provide for verification purpose. The  POI (proof of identity) and POA (proof of address) are mandatory fields. And the document of date of birth is obligatory too. 
  10. For Introducer Based: You have to provide the head of the family member Aadhaar number 
  11. Signature: Put applicants signature, name or thumbprint for validation purpose.

get aadhaar card online

People have to compulsorily submit the supporting documents as id proof, proof of addressing date of birth are also important to submit. If you are introducer, then relationship document proof will also be provide on the enrolment centre. Once you understand how to get apply aadhar card online, you give a smile.  After successful submitting, the Aadhaar issued by UIDAI, then the government will post the card in 60 to 70 days at same residence which you mentioned on application form. After receive the Aadhaar card, better to do the lamination for safety and take minimum photocopies of card for use in future. So, guys, this is all about Aadhaar Card enrolment procedure. If you still have any queries, we are requesting to log on to official page, 

how to apply aadhar card online ?

Hey guys, today we are came up with a discussion about how to book your appointments for Aadhaar card through online. As we discussed in previous article, Aadhaar card is very important identity proof for all citizens in India. aadhaar card online appointment is easy. apply aadhar card online process is simple right ?People who don’t have Aadhaar card they are mandatory to get it immediately as early as possible. Because, without this Aadhaar card, we cant’t get any government related benefits. People who wants to apply their Aadhaar card they have to book their appointment via online.

procedure to apply for aadhar card online

The booking is very easy and simple process. Look and read out the complete article in below. So that, you can easily understand what is what and how to book your appointment of Aadhaar card. Booking Aadhaar card through online mode is the latest facility, which the government of India has introduced in few days ago. get aadhaar card online appointment. how to make aadhaar card online ? is no more a doubt for you. This online booking system for Aadhaar appointment is this very useful for the people who can’t sit hours and hours in Aadhaar centre. Many of the people, still didn’t apply for Aadhaar due to this process.

aadhaar card apply online

So, thats why, the government of India released a new system that is, we can book our Aadhaar appointment through online mode in advance. Once appointment booking, we got one token id for booking conformation. So, we just visit the Aadhaar enrolment centre as per our schedule. apply aadhar card online appointment in 5 minutes. To book your Appointment for Aadhaar enrolment. Firstly you must have to visit to official page, Then fill your details like name, email and choose your nearby enrolment centre and fix your flexible date and time for appointments.

aadhar card enrolment form online

aadhar card enrolment form online

aadhaar card application form

And click on fix appointment. Once after click on fix appointment, you will get one accepted form with token id, date and time. This token id form is mandatory to carry it with you when appearing for enrolment centre. Its better people have to check in to enrolment centre 10 to 15 minutes before your schedule. is aadhaar card mandatory for property registration is must ? Once they have announce your token id, you just go for your cabin then submit all your forms to enrol your Aadhaar card.

aadhaar card how to apply

People who have book their appointment and not able to reach their. They can also cancel or reschedule their appointment through online mode itself. Visit the official page of UIDAI, It is easy to apply for apply aadhar card online appointment.  On the left corner of the page, you may find reschedule/cancel appointment, hit on it. Enter your token id and mobile number then click on re-schedule. Choose your date and time for Aadhaar appointment or you may cancel the previous booking too. 

e aadhaar card apply online

People who wants to book their Appointment for Aadhaar, they are allowed to book maximum 4 persons can enrol for Aadhaar. do you have a doubt on in how many days aadhar card will come ? You will get in a 2 weeks of time. While selecting your enrolment centre and date and time, it shows you the available slots on particular day. Get latest news on aadhaar card online appointment. If the slots are not available on that date, you have to choose for next date. 

e aadhaar card online registration

When appearing to enrolment centre, people have to carry all required documents and id proofs. At enrolment centre, the officers will take your signature and photograph for verification and give the enrolment id. is aadhaar card valid for vehicle registration ? no. This EID will helps to check your status of Aadhaar and you may also download the duplicate copy of it and some other uses by using this EID.

Aadhar card in less than 10 minutes

Not having Aadhar card? Don’t worry you can get your Aadhar card less than 10 minutes. I know this is little bit shocking for you. But read the article and get the details about it. Aadhar card is the most important identity card as it is linking with the other identity proofs. apply aadhar card online is clear now. They are linked with the bank accounts for subsidy, ration card and pensions. Through this process there is no chance of cheating. The amount will be directly credited to the bank account. The main aim of the Aadhar card is to stop the flowing black money into the market. By this method we can avoid cheating process.

easiest way to get aadhar card

All the citizens of India is having this identity card. If you are not in the list then apply it through the online process. It is considered as the id proof as well the address proof also as it is issued by the government of India. Procedure for applying the Aadhar card is already been discussed. The below are the steps to be followed while applying for the apply aadhar card online. This is the easy process for getting the Aadhar card without any delay. First logon to the official site. You can choose your own centre for the enrollment process. For getting Aadhar card the enrollment id is important.

easy steps to apply aadhar cards

So you can choose the nearest centre to you.  Select the enrolment centre and city or village or locality based on your available. Then fill up the online application form directly or you can fix the appointment to the centres and click on the submit button. The other details like biometric will be done by the regional centres like finger print, eye vision etc all the details are collected by the Aadhar officials.

simple steps to apply aadhar card online

Then by submitting all the details you can submit it. Within 90 days you will be getting your Aadhar card to the residence address. You can check the apply aadhar card online status through the online process. You can download it from the official site also. If you not received the Aadhar card then you can log the complaint in the official site.

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