Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download – How to Information !

By | September 14, 2016

Aadhar the unique identification for the citizens of India established for security of the state and providing services to its people. various recommendation from different committees established by the Government of India. Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download is available here. Aadhar is linked to public subsidy programs and other government welfare programs. The government launched programs for  unemployment benefit schemes like MGNREGA and Direct Benefit Transfer programs like domestic LPG scheme are linked to Aadhar.

Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download

In this program the subsidy money is directly credited in the bank accounts of the citizens to which Aadhar is linked.  The benefit of transferring money to the accounts is that it will reduce the leakages, delays and also helps in fight corruption with removal of any middle man between the beneficiary and government.

hp gas aadhaar card linking form

Government of india’s main aim was to bring transparency and avoid leakages of funds sponsored by the states to its people. In India LPG subsidy was provided by the government to its subscribers and government has to bear the extra cost. Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download here. The government has launched direct benefit transfer  scheme for LPG. With this scheme subsidy amount on LPG cylinders is   directly credited to customers Aadhaar-linked bank accounts.

how to update aadhaar card details in hp gas online

To avail this the the consumer has to link Aadhar card to the bank account in order to avail the direct benefit of the subsidy. With this scheme the payment of the subsidy will be transferred directly to the bank account of customers as soon as they make the first booking for a cylinder when they join the scheme.

Here we put down the procedure of availing LPG subsidy by linking Aadhar card with bank account.  People should note that they can link their Aadhar card with any bank account that they have. get Aadhaar Card lpg Gas Linking Forms Download and fill it up. The subsidy amount will be credited to the account to which the Aadhar card is connected or linked.

aadhaar card linking to indane gas form

So make sure to which account you want the money to be transferred. As every household uses a LPG  so every one should get their Aadhar-linked with bank account. There are two ways in which you can link your Aadhar to bank account one is offline and other is online mode.

In case of offline mode Consumer should submit an application form to their respective Bank with Aadhar card details like the unique identification number. The form to be submitted can be downloaded from lpgsubsidy.in. Take a hard copy of the form and fill all the details appropriately. get Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download. After successfully filling the form attach a photo copy of Aadhar card  and mention the Aadhar number on it.

aadhaar card linking to gas connection form

Please submit the completed form along with Aadhar copy to the nearest bank branch. It is suggested to carry the original Aadhar card to the bank while submitting the form. The bank officials immediately process  and link the Aadhar with the bank account.

In the online mode consumers can update the Aadhar card unique identification number on the banks portal. For using the online option consumer must have internet banking facility enabled.  This is the most simplest and easiest way to link your Aadhar to bank account. To update Aadhar details to your bank account login to internet banking. After login in please look for link to update Aadhar details. Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download is ready. On clicking the link you will be prompted to enter Aadhar number and other details. Please fill in all mandatory details and save. After successfully updating the details the bank will verify the details.

aadhaar card linking to bharat gas

After successfully completing the Aadhar linking with the bank account connect your Aadhar with LPG consumer number. This can be done by submitting a dully filled form with Aadhar details to LPG distributer. Please download the Aadhar LPG form from lpgsubsidy.in. Take printout of the downloaded form and enter all the details. Submit the form at the LPG distributer office.

Government has opened up other channels for consumers to link their Aadhar with LPG connections while availing subsidy. Aadhar linking to LPG can be done via calling up toll free number 18000-2333-555 and following the instructions there by. verify Aadhaar Card LPG Gas Linking Forms Download. People who prefer online can update their Aadhar card details on the Gas distributor’s company’s website.

aadhaar card gas link

To link the Aadhar number visit the LPG company’s website and look for Aadhar seeding. Follow the instruction provided on the website and update the Aadhar details to link Aadhar with LPG. We request you to keep the Aadhar can handy while updating the details. Via SMS  as well Aadhar card can easily be linked to the LPG connection.

Click Here To Download LPG Gas Connection Link with Aadhar Card

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