Is Aadhaar Card Must be Linked with Caste Domicile Certificates ? If Yes, How ?

By | September 15, 2016

Aadhaar Card For Caste Domicile Certificates is must now a days as govt of india circulated the instructions. The central and state government announced that, Aadhaar card is required for each and every citizen in India. aadhaar card for caste domicile certificate is easy. Especially, all government employees, without this Aadhaar card identification, they are not supposed to get any benefits from government. Recently, the supreme court of India declared that, the Aadhaar card must be linked with caste and domicile certificates.

aadhaar card for caste domicile certificate

Which will be submitted by all school students for scholarships and many other purposes. If the Aadhaar card linked up with caste and domicile certificate. It certify that reserved services in particular states. and central government made understandable to SC and ST category students. When the Aadhaar card linked to caste certificate. it assist the students to rectify their problems when applying a caste certificate.

In India, students who wants to apply for government related jobs, scholarships. and many other programs. They are mandatory to submit their caste or domicile certificates. submit when they belongs to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes category. aadhaar card for caste domicile certificate is must as per govt rules.

Aadhaar to be linked with caste domicile certificates

So, to make it easy of above process, we must linked the Aadhaar card 12-digit identification number to caste certificate. When we link Aadhaar to caste certificate, the certificate will be receive in 60 days for all the students. And who are pursuing 5th or 8th Class. When we go through the FAQ’s from Personnel Ministry website we will find a categorical explanation on the government procedure.  After collecting all the details from the individual the government. it is at the state pushes all the data in the meta data that helps in hosting it online.

Link aadhaar with caste certificate for easy scholarship release

Then all these details will be linked to Aadhar. All the process is owned by the state government and is carried out depending up on the viability. All these information is available online. and can be found under FAQ section. Caste and Domicile certificates linking up with Aadhaar number. we overcome many difficulties and get our certificates within 60 days. for V and VIII class pursuing students. As per the guidelines students can be issued caste or tribe certificate and also the domicile certificate.

Aadhar Linking with caste & Domicile Certificates Helps Students very much

This is notified that residence certificate can be issued to students across the country other than Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes. Get this knowledge on aadhaar card for caste domicile certificate clear and updated. The issuance of these certificates should be done when the students are in class V or class VII.  These exercises are carried out by the authorities on a regular basis. currently this exercise is conducted annually. If any queries, please ask your doubts on Aadhaar official page.

Verify here for aadhaar card for caste domicile certificate Linking Procedure

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