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By | September 14, 2016

aadhaar card address change status documents phone number change photo change change address year change aadhaar card name change. Searching for the address change in your Aadhar card? We are here to provide you the complete details about the address changes in the Aadhar card. There may be shifting of new house or may the given address have spelling mistakes. aadhaar card address change is easy. All the above mistakes can be managed by changing the address. There is offline process and the online process. But you are looking in internet means you want online process.

aadhaar card address change

It is quite easy and simple. We will give all the procedure steps to be followed while changing the address in Aadhar card. Simply follow each and every step. If you are having any difficulty at any level just comment in the comment box we will respond for all your queries within time. get aadhaar card address change updates here. This article is related to the address changes in the Aadhar card. If you search is related to this kindly read the complete article and get benefited with no cost.

Updating the address in Aadhar card

Aadhar card this is the very important identity proof given by the government to entire people of India. This is the identity card that we are belonging to the country India. It is a unique identity card in which all the details are mentioned clear. Aadhar number consisting of 14 digits. It does not match with anyone in entire country. People belonging to all states should bare the identity card.

aadhaar card address change status

If there are any mistakes in your card kindly update it soon. Download forms related to aadhaar card address change. Now a days government is linking the Aadhar card with all the connection. so it is necessary to update it otherwise the information provided will be wrong. Recently the government had linked the Aadhar card with the driving license, gas connection, pension, ration, bank account etc. It becomes mandatory to all the people having the unique identification card.

Procedure for updating the address in Aadhar card

There may be mistakes while typing it can be rectified by online methods or offline methods.  For online method just visit the official website of Aadhar card i.e. Now the click on the link update Aadhar card. Enter your Aadhar card number. Click on the OTP option. The OTP will be send to your registered number. Enter the password obtained by OTP. The OTP is used only for one time and for particular time only. Now select the address change option.

aadhaar card address change documents

Enter the present address or correct the previous one without any mistakes. Verify the aadhaar card address change details. If you’re facing problem with the language given you can change the option to either English or to the local language. Upload the residence proof. Now you will be given with a URL number which is used for tracking of the Aadhar card. If you want to change your name or the mobile number or any all these can be changed through the online process. Select the desired field for changing it.

aadhaar card phone number change

After submission you will be getting a message from the official saying that congratulations your address have been changed. You are looking more about the Aadhar card just follow your site and get all the changes in Aadhar card. All are explained well here.

Click here for the updating the address changes in Aadhar card

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